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Fundraising Tips

We know how hard it can be to fundraise and ask people for money, so we have added some helpful tips below for you to use in your campaign:

1. Set an an easy goal and raise it later. Start with your minimum goal and once this is hit, raise the goal! Beating the goal is something else you can share on social encouraging more donations. 

2. The first donation should be your own. An opening tally above $20 is a great start, and leading the charge of donations by example has an escalating effect on the final dollar amount.

3. Try set amounts. If you ask for $50 donations, you are likely to achieve $50 donations as opposed to $5 or $10 donations. 

4. Use social channels and email. Peer-to-peer fundraising and social media are a match made in heaven, however it is only a part of the campaign story. Email asks can achieve more fundraising success than social. This is all trial and case by case, but don’t forget to ask by email.

5.You don’t always have to ask for donations: Just talk about the activity. Start a conversation about the event or cause and what inspired you to take get involved, and the impact. Once you get your friends talking about your efforts and get a few donations – the confidence to ask for support grows.

6. Get a bit personal. Analyse your database and identify those who will help, especially family and friends. 

7. Don’t forget to have fun. Fundraising is not supposed to be a task. With a positive attitude, your'e likely to achieve high results and come back again and again.

8. Employers and professional contacts: Ask your colleagues and business contacts to support you in your fundraising efforts. Don’t forget to find out whether your company offers a corporate matching gift program, which can double your fundraising quickly.



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